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All Mothers and Responsible People's Question :
Do you Guarantee us and Can you Prove us, that All your Coatings are Truthfully 100% Water Based, 100% Free of Lead and any Toxic Components, Absolutely 100% Nature and Human Friendly and 100% Sustainable for Consumers ?!

Yeas, we from nasacoat think even in clinical terms when it comes to health quality of our coatings.

We guarantee in written and can prove that all our coatings do not harm your family, animals nor nature.

They are 100% Water Based, Non Toxic and 100%  Ecological = Environmental  and  Nature

Friendly, Washable with any Common Household Products, 100% Free of Lead, Heavy Metals and Ammonia, No Organic Vapor Emissions = 0 VOC and Truthfully Sustainable.

Four International Recognized Laboratories with home base in Switzerland, Germany, UK and USA have approved nasacoat products of their Quality and Performance.
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Mother's day is every day, but all the years of her whole life !
But besides this fact, what is our true " Mother Earth Legacy ",
which we leave behind for our children ?!
The " Culture " of Repainting every 2 or 3 years is just a
Sustainable Business for Paint manufacturers and Paint Applicators, but
not for the environment, less for you, the Paying Client
We offer you truthful healthy, absolutely non toxic sustainable paints and industrial coatings. And we hope to remember you at the same time of a healthy and sustainable life. We think you will understand this one of a kind and not so common presentation of coatings, but nevertheless a very important inevitable reminder for our future generations !
There are 3 things we can't hide very long, the Sun, the Moon and the Truth - Buddha
Sustainable Materials for a Better and Healthy Future
What we think, eat and speak, we become - Buddha